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Since 1993, "3 Guys from Albany" (Dan Wilcox, Tom Nattell and Charlie Rossiter) have been using homemade instruments, props, costumes, multi-voiced presentations, audience participation and straightforward readings to present their personal and socially committed poetry to enthusiastic audiences throughout the Northeast and Midwest at major poetry venues such as the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, NYC; the Green Mill, Chicago; Reader's Feast, Hartford, CT; and the Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA. They also perform regularly for Poets Action Against AIDS, Earth Day, Banned Books Week and other important causes, and they are popular performers on college campuses.

3 Guys from Albany (Tom Nattell, Charlie Rossiter and Dan Wilcox), a poetry performance group whose goal is to read their poetry in each of the Albanys in the U.S., are friends who share the idea that poetry should be a part of society rather than apart from it -- relevant, communicative and, above all, honest. Their poems address social issues such as the homeless, peace and war, and the environment, as well as joyful celebrations of art, love and life. They have toured the United States since 1993 and so far they have read in 10 of the 18 Albanys in the USA. They have released a 60-minute cassette tape of their poetry performance, available at their readings or by mail. Although Tom Nattell died in January, 2005, Charlie & Dan are continuing the project, along with the ever-present nudging from the spirit of Tom.

Tom Nattell was an international mail artist, environmentalist and peace activist who wrote the "Simple Life" column for Metroland, Albany's entertainment weekly.

Charlie Rossiter is a recipient of an NEA grant for his poetry and is the host of www.poetrypoetry.com.

Dan Wilcox hosts the Third Thursday open mic at the Lark St. Bookshop in Albany, NY & has the world's largest collection of photos of unknown poets.

August 2010 Tour

Oklahoma Labor Fest & Albany, OK

Oklahome Labor Fest Poster

The "All-Albany" Tour

Albany, Vermont -- August 6, 1994
Albany, Wisconsin -- October 18, 1995
Albany, Illinois -- October 19, 1995
Albany, Indiana -- October 19, 1995
Albany, Pennsylvania -- November 2, 1996
Albany, Ohio -- March 7, 1997
Albany, Kentucky -- March 8, 1997
Albany, New Hampshire -- Nov. 6, 1999
Albany, Oregon -- March 16-17, 2000
Albany, Minnesota – November 10, 2005
Albany, Wyoming – May 4, 2009
Albany, New York -- numerous shows
since 1993 !
Watch for us in an Albany near you!